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Penny Lindop – Irresistible hand-finished gifts and quirky woolly prints

Penny Lindop has been making quirky, unique hand-finished prints for over 20 years. 

She is a Norfolk based designer and artist, with an evocative childhood spent at her family’s carpet factory that kindled a lifelong passion for textiles and all things sheepy. 

Each print is hand-finished with Penny's signature style, a tiny piece of with rare sheep fleece giving a unique twist to the collection making them distinctive and instantly recognisable.  You’ll be instantly mesmerised by their simple appeal and gentle English humour. 

Best known for her animal themed art, you’ll find a host of adorable creatures from pet dogs and lovey-dovey ducks, to wild sheep and even puffins – each given the fluffy treatment!

Today, Penny’s gorgeous goodies sprinkle magic across the globe. Snapped up by individuals and retailers alike, her distinctive creations simply make people smile.  Penny now works alongside a local Norfolk production team, supporting many within her local community.  Her values and ethics surrounding her business and gifts are full packed British integrity.

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