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Green and Blue - Bee Hotels

Designed and made in the UK

Green and Blue are passionate about create stunning design wildlife homes and feeders for both bees and birds.

These Bee Pots or Bee Hotels come in a range of sizes and can be either built into a wall or used individually as an attractive planter which doubles as a nesting place for solitary bees, with space for pollinator friendly planting.

Solitary bees are facing massive decline, in part due to habitat loss. By having the Bee Hotel, what ever the size, in your garden, allotment or urban space you are helping the bees with the vital pollination work they do. Solitary bees are also fascinating to watch and safe to encourage around children and pets as they are non aggressive. They have no honey or queen to protect meaning they have nothing to defend.

Other items available in this range -  Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

- Made From:  Made in Cornwall from cast concrete, using up to 70% waste material from the Cornish China clay industry.

- Dimensions:  Vary depending on design and style

- Postioning:  The Bee Pots and Bee Hotels should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south facing with no vegetation in front of the holes.  Ideally placed at least one meter from the ground.

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