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Why Buy British Design?

Beautiful British Designs is a company passionate about Small Independent Creative UK Businesses. Working within the gift industry for more than 10 years we see on a daily basis how hard these businesses work to produce high quality products in fair, ethical ways.

Being based in Somerset we are lucky to be surrounded by amazing artisans and designers. We want to give these incredible talented businesses an additional platform to showcase their products to the wider retail and consumer audience in a way that still allows them to make a living and therefore continue to do what they love.

Therefore to us it makes good economic, social and environmental sense to buy British Design. By buying from Beautiful British Designs not only are you supporting small businesses, you can also rest assured that what you are buying is produced ethically and with love.

Thank you supporting small independent businesses.

Janet & Cathy x

"Every time you place an order with Beautiful British Designs you can be sure that somewhere, someone from a small independent business is doing a little dance."