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Testimonials - Regarding Our Short Term Sales Support Service

"I have been working with Beautiful British designs for almost a year now and as a small company their support and help has been wonderful. They are an approachable, knowledgeable team to work with & always ready to assist with any sales queries or goals.
As an illustrator who runs hers own business, the targeted sales help is very valuable, Its great as the sales side of the business is not my strength, so having them to help and advise me in the sales & marketing areas frees up more of my time to do the designing and illustrating which is the bit I love the most! I highly recommend them, I use them for short term sales support on a regular basis, they are affordable and worth every penny." Jill White (Rocket 68)


I have really enjoyed working with ‘Beautiful British Designs’ they are very professional and friendly , and I’m really happy for them to contact potential stockists on my behalf , leaving me to be able to complete other tasks on my to do list !  Sarah Thompson (Sarah Lovall Art)

"Working with Beautiful British Designs has been simply brilliant and eye opening for us - I think i'm going to get addicted to working with them! To keep in touch with our retailers over the phone is so so important for us, yet something we struggle to find time for. I'm so impressed with how efficient, professional and easy this has been, and the results have been excellent. Couldn't recommend this more !" Seedball (Dr. Emily Lambert)

It's early days for me, but Beautiful British Designs have been a welcome find! I was struggling to know how to approach retailers, and they've given me not only a route to many indie retailers, but a supportive ear to bend and invaluable help with calls and databases. They act as an important link in the chain! Ellie Good Illustration (Ellie Good)

"Thanks so much for all your invaluable help once again!" Beach Art Glass (Julie Fountain) 

Thank you for all the hard work, you guys do such an amazing job, I take my hat off to you. Lola Design (Kim)