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Testimonials - From Designers

“I’m so pleased I decided to join Beautiful British Designs.  They provide a great service, linking gift shops to designers like myself.  They have so many great contacts, it’s nice to know they’re putting my products in front of the people I’d like to see them, leaving me free to get on with the designing and making!  I haven’t been with them very long, and I’ve already had a lead which has led to an order.”  Helen Lack (Lummi Home) 

"Just to let you know that Hybrid Gallery have just placed their first order with us...thank you very much for the lead" Helen Round (Helen Round) 

"Cathy and Janet are wonderful to work with, their positivity is infectious. You really feel that they believe in you and your product and genuinely want to help. It is so amazing to be able to ask them for advice. Their retail knowledge has been really helpful, especially when I was putting together my Wholesale Catalogue. They have been excellent at promoting my brand, which has lead to several leads and new shops, already! Highly recommend them." Sarah (Bath At Works) 

"Catherine & Janet from Beautiful British Designs are a delight to work with and their passion for retail is apparent in everything they do.  Beautiful British Designs is a great platform to bring independent designers and retailers together in support of the great British high street."  Tara (Account Manager at Victoria Egg) 

"I have recently joined Beautiful British Designs and already I have made lots of new contacts which are now leading to orders. Cathy and Janet have been so helpful and enthusiastic, and their experience means they have the ability to give excellent advice when you need it. I am just starting in the greeting card industry so it has been very helpful to get all the inside information about what I need to do and when. They let you move at your own pace but are there when you need them. I highly recommend joining Beautiful British Designs." Louise Money (Louise Money Originals) 

Beautiful British Designs is a fab new service for a brand like mine looking to expand their retail client base. Working with Janet and Cathy has been super easy and they’ve been really proactive promoting my brand on social media and on their site. Within a month of joining I had my first order and several leads, so it’s definitely been a success for me.  Andy Cordina (Bettie Confetti) 

"5* Review - I highly recommend Beautiful British Designs they are a wonderful team who invest there time in growing your business with you. They have helped with my marketing not only by pushing my business on social media but also with great advice and direction!"  Charlotte Bolton (Charlotty)  

"Cathy and Janet are so efficient. I joined the directory and within a day I had customer interest. They are extremely professional, approachable and fantastic to work with. I’m looking forward to working with them."   Michelle Gemmel (Memelou)

"Beautiful British Designs are a great new business and very enthusiastic people to work with. They have been very pro-active with my business in promoting on social media and uploading my profile on their trade directory. Thank you both Cathy and Janet for the support and believing in my business and what I do!"   Katie Davies (Katie Victoria Textiles) 

"I have worked with Cathy and Janet for 7 years and in that period my business has gone from strength to strength. My trade customer base has grown consistently year after year, something I could not have done without them. Apart from their obvious sales expertise Cathy and Janet are also hard working, loyal and incredibly positive people to work with, always coming up with new sales ideas. Their knowledge of the marketplace and the retail sector in general is also very sound. I couldn't recommend them highly enough."   Sally Swannell (Sally Swannell Ltd)