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Kate Thorburn

Kate Thorburn is a Yorkshire based surface pattern designer having a background in both ceramic and card design. She successfully completed an MA in ceramic design at Staffordshire University in 2007 and then launched her own range of ceramics ‘What Kate Loves’ at Top Drawer 2014.

In Kate's work there is a strong emphasis on colour, pattern and decorative details. She is a collector of beautiful objects, lovely jugs and plates and images such as old postcards as well as objects she has found like pinecones and shells, which she has found on her travels.

 Launching her range under the name ‘What Kate Loves’, she hoped to create a range that draws on the past traditions and combines this with contemporary trends to develop her own unique style. It is hoped that the beauty and elegance of this collection will have the ‘timeless elegance’ to become the treasured objects of the future. This is a British made range of the highest quality, keeping the heritage alive. All the ceramics are proudly made in Stoke-on-Trent.

The ‘wild garden sketches' collection stems from Kate’s love of the simplicity of blue and white, whether it be willow pattern, ditsy florals or more contemporary patterns-its the perfect combination.

 Kate loves to draw and finds inspiration from everything around her. Walking through meadows in the countryside, picking up some vintage fabrics or simply making doodles. Kate wanted to create her own beautiful range of blue and white that draws on her loves.

The range is designed to be both decorative and functional. The range has great accent pieces that can be mixed and matched with the more pattern-based designs to bring individuality to the home. Pieces such as the bowl are beautiful displayed just on their own. 

The elegant artwork is all hand drawn by Kate; she then combines her drawings digitally to create her own unique style. Individual designs are created for each and every product for a very special collection!