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About Beautiful British Designs

We have worked with independent designers / makers for over 10 years selling their products on a wholesale basis into independent retail shops.  We have seen firsthand how hard you work and how difficult it can be to get your products seen and into the retail shops.

Towards the end of last year (2017) we decided to pivot our business and instead of working with only a small number of creative designers we came up with a business model that would allow us to help far more designers get their products seen - the key, working together.

By introducing a Designers Directory instead of taking the creative designers to the shops we are now able to bring the retail outlets to a forum that brings together exciting often unseen talent.  We specialise with working in the independent retail sector and have over the last 10 years built up connections running through a variety of sectors from Gift Shops, Garden Centres, Home Interior Outlets to Children's Boutiques and shops dedicated to Ladies Fashion.  We are therefore perfectly situated to help a variety of creative businesses get their products seen by a variety of retail outlet.

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