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About Us

Firstly let us introduce the two halves of Beautiful British Designs.




We are Catherine and Janet, two working mums who met at the school gates about 10 years ago.  We soon discovered that we both have a passion for great customer service and British designed products.

Cathy used to run run a sales office supporting small independent greeting card and gift companies helping to build their customer base.  About 8 years ago she became to busy and called on Janet for additional help.  Throughout this time we experienced first-hand the hard work, passion and commitment our clients had for their work and the difficulties they experience every day trying to get their products seen by retail outlets.

Last year towards the end of 2017 we decided to take this one step further and pivoted our business by expanding our working model making our services available to a wider audience.  By providing our Designers with affordable packages tailored to meet their needs and actively marketing their products to our already existing database of retail shops.  This has worked out better than we thought and we are delighted with the results.

By doing this everyone benefits - the Designers products get seen whilst the retail outlets get to see some of the amazing things being created by the hidden and often unsung design heroes based throughout of the UK.  

We are proud to work with talented British Designers who create wonderful products such as unique handmade jewellery, personalised framed prints and high quality home accessories. 

By encouraging small businesses (whether this be designers/makers or independent retail outlets) to work together we can achieve so much more.