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What to do after exhibiting at a Trade Show

Posted by Catherine Conway on

Congratulations ... the work starts here !!

Attending a trade show reminds me of having my first child !  Once he was born I thought I could have a rest, yes the nurses did laugh!  I on the other hand just wanted someone to help me with what to do next.

So here goes....

You should have come home with some orders, some business cards and a huge pile of things to put away and sort out ! 

So firstly take a day to slowly start putting things away and getting everything back in order.  These mundane jobs are essential not only to provide you with a clean work space but also allows you time to process and analyse all that happened whilst you were at the Trade Show (read our What Did I Learn From Exhibiting At A Trade Show Blog - coming soon).  

Next put the details of those that ordered and those that gave you their business card onto a database so that you don't loose their details.  Then start packing those orders as these are priority.  As a small business good customer service can really help you stand out from the crowd. 

So you have now got a clear office / work space, your customers and leads are all on a usable database and you have packed and dispatched all the orders placed at the show.

There is still work to be done to finish off your Trade Show experience so don't sit back yet.

Now is the time to start establishing, building or strengthening your relationships with your existing, new and potential customer base.  To do this you can do things such as send them a personal email thanking them for coming to see you, letting them know their order is on the way or simply asking them if they would like to go on your mailing list so that they receive updates about new releases. 

Don't neglect the leads that you get from a trade show, follow them up, I  always say 'there is fortune in the follow up.'  Even though they may not have ordered at the show, the king of all good customer relationships  is to FOLLOW UP and continue to build that relationship.

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