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Support Your Local Shop - Independent Retail Month July 18

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Support Your Local Shop - Independent Retail Month July 18

Who doesn't love this time of year? The days are longer, the weather is better and school is almost over. But those aren't the only reasons to celebrate, because July is Independent Retail Month! So support your local high street and pledge to shop local in July.

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What is Independent Retail Month?

Independent Retail Month is a campaign that runs throughout July every year to highlight and celebrate the role that small, independent retailers play in their local communities.

The campaign aims to highlight the benefits that small independent businesses have within their surrounding community and to encourage people to shop locally.  Independent shops provide many other services to their community other than just the bricks and mortar that you see.


Why choose independent?

Independent retailers and designers can offer some wonderfully unique products that you simply wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. Independent gift shops are a great example. If we all shopped at the same big chain stores, we'd all be wearing the same clothes and using the same products!

Independent cafés and restaurants are another good example as they tend to take a more artisanal approach to their businesses than big chains. This means that the food and drinks are created by highly skilled, talented, often local people, rather than a bunch of machines in a factory.

Independent retailers are a crucial component of a thriving local community. More people are making a pledge to shop at little independent stores in order to maintain the colour and vibrancy of their towns, villages and high streets. Without small businesses, the landscape of our communities would look very different.

Who would want to live in a bleak society where everyone is forced to either shop at huge malls that offer little choice or online, with no human interaction? Not us!


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As you know the high street is struggling at the moment and needs your support and this is what independent retail month is all about.  To support this campaign please buy just one thing from your local shop or better still why not try to purchase from independent businesses throughout the month of July.  If everyone bought one small thing it can make a huge difference and would keep your high street colourful and vibrant.

To get involved take a photo of your high street or favourite independent business and tag it to #myshopshoutout

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