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'Stir-Up' Sunday. It Is Now Time To Get Organised

Posted by Catherine Conway on

‘Stir-up Sunday’ is this Sunday so call your family and friends, pull on your festive apron, dig out your best Christmas playlist, pop on some mulled wine to simmer and let’s get festive.  Making the Christmas pudding is traditionally when wishes are made and dreams can come true. Let get stirring!

Stag and Mistletoe Christmas Apron

Where do the Stir-up Traditions come from?

  • Traditional the Christmas pudding contains 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and the 12 disciples
  • The pudding is then stirred by each member of the family whilst making a wish in a clockwise direction (from East to West) to symbolise the 3 Wise Men
  • Adding Charms to the Christmas Pudding was thought to bring luck if you found them in your portion.  
  • Finally the pudding was garnished with a sprig of holly to represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus on the cross.  

This year I have decided to join the realms of the organised and join in before the hustle and bustle of December really begins.  

For a variety of Christmas Pudding recipes take a look at BBC GoodFood and if you don't like Christmas Pudding why not try Mark Webbs' Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

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