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Quirky gift ideas for the aspiring chef in your friend group

Posted by Catherine Conway on

Present shopping can be hard. There are a few tips you can follow if you want to avoid getting a bad present but when it comes to being a good gift giver you just need to be thoughtful and pay attention to your friends. Whether your friend is training to become a professional chef or has only just learned how to boil an egg, you'll probably want to get them something a little cooler than a frying pan or a ladle. Here are some fun and unique gift ideas for cooking lovers.

Quirky wooden spatulas

If your friend is an animal lover as well as a cooking enthusiast they'll love these. These handmade spatulas are cut, sanded and then oiled by hand and will make the often boring job of stirring a lot more fun.

handmade wood spatula

Personalised chopping board

Having something engraved is perhaps one of the simplest ways to make a gift special and unique. And what better gift for an aspiring chef than a high quality wooden chopping board which you can make personal by having a nickname or of date of significance engraved upon it. 

Personalised wooden chopping board

They can be used for both preparing and presenting food, meaning you can be sure your friends will appreciate such a practical yet thoughtful gift.

large wood chopping board

 A stylish apron or oven glove

Owning an apron and oven gloves is essential for anyone who spends time in the kitchen, but just because they might get a bit messy doesn't mean they have to be plain!

stylish apron

Beautifully designed aprons and oven gloves like these by Thornback and Peel are a thoughtful gift for any budding chef.

stylish apron

Share some of your own recipes

Sitting down and enjoying a meal that you've lovingly made with friends and family is perhaps one of the greatest joys of being able to cook. If your foodie friend's kitchen seems to be fully equipped already you may want to consider giving them something that money can't buy. Taking the time to write down a few of your favourite family recipes in a book will be a wonderfully personal gift your friend will just love. Don't worry about filling a book with recipes, leave plenty of space so they can add their own ideas in the future. If you consider your cooking skills to be somewhat lacking (if you're well acquainted with the smoke alarm) think about asking other friends or family members to contribute some of their favourite recipes and make it a joint present.

Gift in a jar

If your friend is more of a baker than cook why not fill a jar with the dry ingredients from your favourite cookie or brownie recipe for them to prepare at home. This is a perfect gift for someone who is just starting to learn how to bake. Decorate the outside of your jar with ribbons, glitter or whatever you like; just be sure to write down the recipe and include a list of the ingredients in case they want to make another batch! 

gift in a jar

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