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Meet The Maker - Sarah Drew from Bath Artworks

Posted by Catherine Conway on

We are so pleased to be working with Sarah Drew of Bath Artworks - she is one of the reasons why we wanted to set up a support network for small independent designers. The unsung heroes working away at their kitchen table or garden shed in Sarah case!!  She is just breaking into the wholesale market.  Her beautifully illustrated products are exclusive so grab them before anyone else does!

We went to meet Sarah to find out a little bit more about her.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I live in Bath with my husband, two children and two dogs Teddy and Pickle.   I have loved to draw, paint and make things for as far back as I can remember. As I child I preferred making dolls clothes and furniture rather than actually playing with the dolls!  I come from a family of creative’s, my auntie was a textile designer, my grandmother was a very keen interior designer and my sister also paints, so I guess it is in my genes.

Sarah Drew from Bath Art Works working at her desk

How did you get into this business?

I studied art at Bath College and Textile Design at Weston College, before undertaking a career in the Law Sector. My love of drawing and design never disappeared.  After having a family and settling in a rural location, I was able to pick up my paint brushes again. After lots of encouragement from my husband I started Bath Art Works.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am passionate about the British countryside, animals, and nature and this is where I gather much of my inspiration.  I also love anything vintage and have always enjoyed browsing around vintage markets and antique fairs.  

How do you go about starting a design?

I work in my studio which is in my garden. I am very fortunate to live in a rural location, so my studio is surrounded by countryside. Which is great for me, as I gather much of my inspiration from nature?

I usually start with a drawing or painting, which may have been influenced by a sketch, magazine photo, computer image or fabric pattern.  I work in a range of mediums including, pen and ink, charcoal, acrylic, water colour, and lino print. I will then reproduce the image, as a print, greeting card, fabric design or piece of crockery.

Do you ever run out of ideas how do you get over that?

When I run out of ideas I like to take my dogs for a walk in the countryside, this helps to clear my head and also look at the nature around me to gather inspiration

Which is your favorite part of the making process?

My favorite part of the making process if when I have a sketched the design onto my canvas and finally get to do the painting.  I love painting and creating texture with paint.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I find my work extremely rewarding seeing the finished product is amazing.  I am also happy to say that all My products are all made in England by our carefully selected team of manufacturers.      My Greeting cards are made from sustainable paper.  I am very keen to reduce my carbon footprint and sustain the beautiful British Countryside from where I get my inspiration.

Tell us about a piece of work that you are particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of my Henry Hare painting he has proved to be very popular and has a sense of grandeur about him.


Three tips you would share with someone just starting out?

Be determined, be prepared for knock backs and believe in yourself.

What makes your collection unique?

I have tried to create classic, timeless pieces that will hopefully be liked for years.



Bath Artworks is featured on our trade directory which we actively promote to retailers. If you're a designer interested in selling into independent shops you can find out more here.

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