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Meet the Creator of the Circus Farm - Yvonne Lee

Posted by Catherine Conway on

Allegoric Designs was set up by Yvonne Lee in 2015 and specialises in designing fun and funky kitchenware and ceramics for the country kitchen. Taking the plunge and setting up your own business is always a risk but something that seems to have paid off for Yvonne.

Inspiration can strike at any time but Yvonne finds that when she requires a little extra help she goes to the Arts University library to flick randomly through books.  This usually helps her find inspiration if this fails the other option she says is always a cuppa, looking out of the window and daydream a bit!

yvonne lee designer of the farm circus ceramics

Yvonne Lee moved to rural Dorset 12 years ago where she now lives with her husband and daughter.  Her studio window looks out onto fields, where every year young cows are put out to pasture.  Yvonne always enjoyed watching them but thought that they were a bit mad! It was these young cows that helped to inspire Buttercup the Balancing Cow, her first design.  This went on to fire her imagination further and the Circus Farm Range of Kitchenware and Ceramics was born!

The Circus Farm Range provides a great combination of character, colour and simplicity in both style and concept making her collection instantly recognisable and unique. 

“My favourite is Percy the Trapezing Pig as it is great to make pigs fly and he looks really pleased about it!” 

Yvonne is now working on a new range of designs whilst also considering expanding the Circus Farm product range.  She would like to work in collaboration with someone for the products and hopes to develop her one off printmaking too.

We for one can’t wait to see what Allegoric Designs comes up with next.

If you would like to place a Trade order please contact Yvonne at Allegoric Designs or phone her on 07837 729984

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