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Meet Maeve - The Creative Artist behind Too Wordy

Posted by Catherine Conway on

Maeve was always very interested in art as a child and loved anything creative. She first started designing her own cards as a child, she used to sit for hours at the kitchen table designing her own ranges for the inevitable ‘Thank You’ cards following Christmas and Birthdays.  So really, we can thank Maeve’s mum for unintentionally nurturing her love of calligraphy & stationery.

Maeve the designer and owner of the Too Wordy Brand

Sadly Maeve lost her mum in 2008, who as it turned out was her biggest inspiration and sentiment behind her business now.  Maeve describes her mum as “sweet, full of heart and would always make people smile” she hopes that her Too Wordy brand reflects her mums infectious personality and zest for life!

Maeve draws inspiration from all sorts of places; life and nature mostly. She finds that her own experiences and the stages of life she lives through gives her the ideas, but even she runs out of ideas sometimes!

“I think the key to overcoming your ‘creative block’ is to leave it and come back to it. Having a break and not forcing the creative process is important.”

Maeve is rightly, pretty proud of most of the things she creates, but her favourite is the collection of greeting cards she has designed.  She still loves sitting down and thinking up different phrases that work nicely on a card. Her range has expanded and evolved over the years and she enjoys the feeling of seeing them selling in the outlets she supplies.

Beautiful Inside and Out Greeting card from Too Wordy

Maeve enjoys the whole of the creative and making process and thinks it is ‘pretty cool’.

 “Having an idea in your head, putting it down on paper or straight into Illustrator and playing about is always a fun part of the process, but equally, getting your printed designs back from the printers and holding them in your hands is always a buzz! It’s a lovely feeling to know that you have made something from scratch and it’s an even better feeling when people want to buy your creations. What an honour!”

Thank You to @TooWordy for answering all our questions.

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