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Katie Lynn the Designer and Maker or all things Wonky

Posted by Catherine Conway on

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am Katie Lynn the owner, designer and maker of all things glassy at Molten Wonky, and I have been making ever so slightly wonky fused glass gifts and decorations for almost 10 years.

I live in the middle of nowhere with my husband and 4 children ranging from 12 to 18!  So life is hectic and can be tricky juggling family and work but because I am lucky enough to love what I do it is manageable – even if it is in a slightly chaotic way !

How did you get into making ‘Wonky’ Glass?

Well, it took me a while to not only find out what I wanted to do but also to have the confidence.  When I left school I studied at the Chelsea College of Art specialising in stained glass.   However in my 20’s I traveled a lot and in my 30’s I had my 4 children, so it wasn’t until I was almost 40 and the kids were all in school that I needed a job and my husband said – ‘why not go back to making things!’ 

Inspiration hit after a visit to the Country Living Show and I discovered fused glass.   I came home raving about this new technique and Scott bought me a kiln and told me to get on with it!   In 2009 the first Molten Wonky star was born!   The first thing I made was the little stars that I still sell today.  I started selling them mainly to friends and family and the business just grew from there.


 What is your workspace likeI have a workshop in an old cow shed in the yard at home. It’s a draughty old barn that is leaky, cold and is in much need a makeover.  I am planning to do this next year to mark Molten Wonky’s 10 year Anniversary! 

How do you make your lovely products?

Well I first have to come up with a design – I do this by continually listening to what people want and looking at what is on trend.  I sketch out the design and make a few glass samples.   These are made out of shapes cut out of coloured glass using a diamond tip wheel and pliers.  I then place the shapes onto a tray and put them in the Kiln which heats them to 800 degrees.  Once the glass is ‘cooked’ the product comes out all fused together.  I then drill holes and add ribbons or the unique molten wonky dangly wire legs.   Each one is made as an individual piece, in my unique, chaotic and haphazard way.  You will be hard pushed to find 2 identical molten wonky products.

What are your best selling pieces?

My Christmas range still includes my best selling products – Tiny Tree,  Christmas Pud and Ruby Robin.


What advice would you give someone starting out in the wholesale business?

Believe in your own creativity and do your research.  When I started thinking of selling to trade, I talked to a friend who has a shop and he said retailers always add a % mark up on top of the cost price and to sell them in bulk, in either sets of six’s or twelve’s (so make sure you get your pricing right because we are all here to make money after all!!)

Listen to what retailers want and be ready to adapt – If someone had told me that I would be making unicorns and flamingo’s 10 years ago I would I laughed at them – but that is exactly what I am doing to meet demand and they are selling very well!!


If you would like a PDF of Molten Wonky's trade price list or to place a Trade order please contact Katie :  or phone her on 01440 730 571

Images can be seen at  Molten Wonky.

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