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Blighty's - Cranbrook take part in our first #myshopshoutout

Posted by Catherine Conway on

We asked Camilla the owner of Blighty's in Cranbrook a number of questions about her shop, here is what she said:

How easy is it to buy British?

"I'd say its has been easy as I know where to look like on notonthehighstreet Instagram and Top Drawer, but to begin with it was quite difficult as I was new to the having a gift shop having only ever worked in John Lewis and next but I have learned a lot and know where to look now.  Its upsetting when we find some lovely items and the supplier says well they are designed here but made in china, and how its more expensive to get items made here. But I have loved finding all of our stockists from as far away as Scotland to the lovely countryside in Cornwall and it makes our shop is truly unique and wonderful. 

Blighty's gift shop Cranbrook

What is your favourite product in the shop at the moment?

"Oh wow my favourite product! its so hard to pick just one! but it would have to be our Jones the bones Muscle & joint massage oil. its handmade in wales by the fabulous bathing beauty:) this oil is perfect for any and all aches & pains juts rub between your hands and massage the area that's giving you grief. and its good for arthritis, muscle spasms, sports injuries & plantar fascistic. (I have personally used this oil on my arches in my feet as I used to work in Hoopers and got very sore feet pain went within two days as I got immune to neorophen gel) this product also has a sister Jones the bones bath salts for very bad aches and pains 200g is put into a hot bath relax for 20 minutes and have a nice cup of something hot and relax afterwards. plus they both have a lovely lavender aroma"

How useful is a service like Beautiful British Designs to a shop like yours?

"Beautiful British designs is so helpful as I can find new stockists easily and its lovely that you are supporting independent shops like ourselves and the makers:) so thanks very much"

Are you running any special promotions at the moment?

"We have not got any promotions running at the minute but on Saturday 18th august we will be having our 1st birthday party celebrating being open for one year!!. with 10% off everything inside and British made cupcakes & juices will be served to all our lovely customers:) look out for the red, white & blue balloons:)"

We would like to thank Camilla for taking part in our first #myshopshoutout

If you would like to take part please email us and get in touch.

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