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5 Tips for making the most from Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Posted by Catherine Conway on

The New Year is here and things have probably already started to kick off (and the kids have not even gone back to school yet !!!) 

The Trade Shows are starting soon week and you are probably in the throws of last minute panic about your stand design, trying to work out how to get everything in your car, as well as finishing off the last few mock ups by burning the midnight oil.

Are we right ? !

Well we think you are amazing and you will get there ... but we also want you to stop for 2 seconds and think about how you can get the most out of your time whilst exhibiting, after all they cost A LOT of money.

Here are our top 5 tips to think about whilst you are in the shower !

1.   ALWAYS ask those looking at your stand if they have a business card, if they don't then take their details (just their name, shop name and post code will do, so that you can find them when you get back).  This to me is the most important as following up can be the key to the success of the show.

2.  Take hard copy brochures if you have one, people often like to take something away with them to jog their memory when they get back.

3.  SMILE and engage, you have a big advantage over the bigger companies here as you are selling yourself and your products, bigger companies often have others doing this for them that don't necessarily have the same passion for their products as you do.

4.  Research what others are doing, how much they are charging, how they present themselves, their stand and their products.  You can gain a lot of knowledge and ideas from those more experienced.

5.  Oh and don't forget to follow up on all those leads you have made at the show about a week later.  Leaving the business cards you collected in a heap at the bottom of a bag just will not work !

If there is one take advantage of the free drink after the show on the first day - you deserve it.  If your new then just ask other stall holders, it can be great fun and you get to chat to others exhibiting. 

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